Boundary Waters Live
Have you ever had a day such as this?
Crystal rivers free and clean rushing on
Lands untouched by modern man to walk upon

Joe Paulik - Home of Mine

Joe Paulik Boundary Waters Live

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When I look at an area on the landscape I often wonder what it looked like before the choice to destroy it was made. I live in the "Arrowhead" region of Minnesota, and often imagine it as it existed 500 years ago. The term "Boundary Waters" conjures up for me primal visions of this mystical place as it was then: canoe travel through areas exuberant with lush greenery, teeming wildlife, and pure water. I consider the Boundary Waters to include Lake Superior and the Arrowhead region of Minnesota, as well as the adjacent Quetico region in Canada. The roadless "Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness", known as the BWCAW, is a designated wilderness area within the "Boundary Waters".
This page contains videos which celebrate the wild and mystical Boundary Waters. Many are from within the BWCAW and will be noted as such. My strong and enthusiastic partner, Jessi Nicholson, has often helped me portage my guitar and portable recording equipment to areas that are sacred to me, sometimes deep in the BWCAW. Her paddling has at times been the silent motor stalking frog choruses by night, meandering along streams and lakesides by day.
Ultimately, I envision others sharing good quality nature videos on this page. Pooling resources could create a page teeming with videos of the creatures and landscapes celebrating the wild Boundary Waters. This would benefit all of us. Since the wild aspect of the Boundary Waters and especially the BWCAW is such a jewel to us all, having a place to celebrate videos of it together would help strengthen the fight to protect it from mining and development.
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